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Konzert mit BLEIB MODERN (Berlin), support: FLYING MOON IN SPACE (Leipzig), DJ: Albina

14.03.2019 // 21:30 Uhr

Einlass: 21.30 Uhr - Start: 22.30 Uhr
VVK via TixforGigs

Düsterniss trifft auf Jam Eskapaden
There is no repose from the cathartic sounds from Bleib Modern – sounds that dredge up the darkest recesses of the heart with their ceaseless explorations around the personal and emotive responses to life. Throbbing bass lines lead the onslaught of hypnotic reverb, penetrating riffs, mechanical drumming and visceral vocals that expose the very bones of emotion or lack thereof.

They are supported by the Leipzig based community of Flying Moon In Space...a trip to somewhere else. Nothing left to say.

DJ Set by Albina, a girl, that likes music and dives into it.



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