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Konzert mit FRANKIE AND THE WITCH FINGERS (USA/Permanent Record); support: COSMIC ONION CAMERA (with parts of Cozmik Onion Express & Camera); aftershow: DJ Ononiionioniion

24.05.2018 // 22:00 Uhr

Einlass: 22.00 Uhr - Start: 23.00 Uhr
VVK via TixforGigs
präsentiert von Annihilate
West Coast Euphorie trifft deutsch/japanische Krautschaft

West Coast screamers Frankie and the Witch Fingers trade on a tradition built up from the very fabric of psychedelic soul. Shot through with the same melted juke jitters that sent Doug Sahm, The 13th Floor Elevators and The Pretty Things scratching through the record needles of every child indebted to the vibrational cathedral, the L.A. crew comes barreling into 2017 with their own brand of heatstroke mojo. The band’s latest, Brain Telephone, is an acid bath for the soul delivered in pulsating waves via fuzz guitar. It’s an electric jolt to the endocrine system, shaking the last dregs of reluctance out of your system and inducing bouts of dance euphoria.

Cozmik Onion Camera are an experimental duo, consisting of parts of Cozmik Onion Express (Taishi Nagasaka ) & Camera (Michael Drummer). They will start this night with something special.

Afterwards we have a party to crazy music from Japan on spinning vinyl, brought to you by DJ Ononiionioniion.